Bedrooms symbolise comfort and peace therefore renovating these surely affects your mood and lifts the vibe of your surroundings. Here are a few tips and tricks to renovate your safe space!

Renaissance was indeed an elegant and solemn era of gorgeous interiors with saturated shades well blended with the base colours, along with high columns and artistic furniture to accessorise the room with. Incorporating the renaissance in today’s interior, without being old-fashioned yet too modern, can be a challenging task but do not worry since we are here to break it out for you!

Features of Renaissance Designing

The prominent features of renaissance style and architecture include:

1. Toned Out Lights!

Lights undeniably change the outlook of a room. Using ceiling lights of variable intensities and classy table lamps not only gives the room a vintage look but also allows a hint of elegance.

2. Wood or Tiles? Choose One!

Wooden floors and marble tiles are pretty hyped up these days and we know why! These simple yet artsy floors give an immaculate and happy vibe to the room. Not to forget, these are super easy to clean up too!

Decoration pieces ranging from majestic, carved statues to smaller, intricate tableware add that extra grace to the regal set-up. Be mindful of not crowding the space with these and place things that complement the textures and hues of the room.

4. Add a Theme

We are all fond of particular colour palettes and subconsciously go for them in our everyday life so why not incorporate them in your room? From tropical touch to monotonous hues, you have a lot of colours to play with!

Colours have always been a crucial element in designing an interior. With Renaissance in mind, browns and beige are thought of, with a blend of saturated solid colours. Different tones and textures enhance the already classy look of the room and when complemented by drapes and accessories of similar hues, makes it one of the most gorgeous and luxurious places to be in.

6. Accessorise a bit!

Don’t underestimate the power of little decor pieces! These accessories help your room stand out so start looking for ornamental chunks that go well with the theme. You can even rearrange stuff that you already have.

Refurbishing bedrooms isn’t hard as it does not require expensive makeshift. With these tips, you can revamp your room in no time, that too in a minimum budget!