Let’s imagine it this way.

You have invested a lot in beautifying the interior of your house, and everything is top-notch. Whether it is the lights, the wallpapers, or the floor tiles – everything is the epitome of elegance and class. But you ignored your garden.

Your garden is probably the first thing anyone encounters when they walk into your home. If you want to make an excellent first impression, you should start with fixing up and renovating your garden.

You do mow it and get it cleaned once in a while, but there are many more things when it comes to maintaining a garden. And mowing and tending to your garden wouldn't be enough.

Now that you understand the importance of owning a well-maintained garden, finding the ideal garden renovations company in Dubai can certainly be challenging. It is so because not all home maintenance companies cater to garden maintenance in Dubai.

Moreover, we discuss solutions with our clients, give them ideas and learn from them as well. Apart from this, we always stay in touch with them and prioritize their decisions and try our best to give them the best options available for their gardens.

Two in One Deal

Property Renovation as garden renovators and landscape contractors. Therefore, if you choose us, you would definitely be getting a two-in-one deal, and we all know how beneficial that is, right?

We are not like every other garden renovations company in Dubai because we have a skilled team on board who knows what they are doing and have put their time and hard work into mastering their skills.

Our services in garden renovations include; garden trimming, tree or flower planting, cleaning out the unwanted weeds and bushes, artificial grass installation, and much more. As you can see, we offer an extensive range of services when it comes to fixing up your garden once and for all – what else do you want?

Landscape Maintenance in Dubai

We undertake a range of tasks when it comes to landscape maintenance, which makes us one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai. These include;

    Lawn Care

    Ground Maintenance

    Installation And Maintenance of Irrigation Systems

    Hard Landscaping

    Lawn Aeration


    Tree And Shrub Care

    Leaf Removal

And the list goes on.

Hard work, dedication, and commitment to our work makes Property Renovation one of the leading landscape designing companies in Dubai. Book an appointment today, and see for yourself!