Living rooms are the happiest places in our houses! These multi-purpose rooms need a bit of a makeover every once in a while. Here are a few ways to freshen it up!

1. Paint Away!

One way to change the entire look of a room is to change its paint or freshen up the old one. Using contrasting colours lifts the vibe of the room. Try using 2 to 3 shades from the same colour palette.

2. New Flooring

Old tiles and carpets aid in accumulating dust and bugs so you can change the flooring but that does not have to be heavy on your pocket. Simple floor finishes on the top of your tiles is one way to change the look of your living room.

Decoration pieces ranging from majestic, carved statues to smaller, intricate tableware add that extra grace to the regal set-up. Be mindful of not crowding the space with these and place things that complement the textures and hues of the room.

4. Change the Layout

If you do not want to spend extra bucks, why not just move things around a bit? Rearrange your stuff, maybe add or eliminate a few things and you are good to go!

Colours have always been a crucial element in designing an interior. With Renaissance in mind, browns and beige are thought of, with a blend of saturated solid colours. Different tones and textures enhance the already classy look of the room and when complemented by drapes and accessories of similar hues, makes it one of the most gorgeous and luxurious places to be in.

6. Lighting!

Light plays an important role in interior design. You can add table lamps and ceiling lights to give your living room ambience and elegance at the same time!

Revamping your living room does not have to break your bank. With these easy and creative renovation tips, you can make the room as new as ever!