Your Go-To Trendy Interior Designing!

Your house is not just a place to live in but also something that affects your mind and soul directly. Clutter-free, sophisticated and refined looks are all that you need to not only enhance the interior's look but also to inculcate a sense of tranquillity in yourself.

Here are some of the top trends in interior designing we compiled that you need to check out to uplift the aura of the house's interior!

    1. Neutral bases and hues

    The first step to styling your home is to select a suitable colour palette and most importantly the base colour. Neutrals like shades of white, beige, browns tend to give that vintage look but do not seem too old fashioned. Just the right amount of vintage and simplicity you would like!

    2. Green walls

    Green walls are the go-to trend these days, primarily because it gives a cool vibe to the room and inculcates the sense of connection with nature. With the escalating urbanization and depletion of greenery around us, the verdant aura in the vicinity of our homes gives that peaceful forest-y look so win-win!

    3. Statement accessories

    With the glam and bling in almost everything around us, elegant and single-toned statement pieces still stand their ground. With dandelions in monochromatic vases lifting your desk’s looks and vintage frames gracing your walls, you can accessorise your apartment to take it to another level.

    4. Eco-friendly arrangement

    What’s more fun and thoughtful than channelling your inner designer and keeping mother nature in mind as well? Now you can incorporate nature-friendly elements like plastic-free embellishments or getting pre-loved items, to cut on plastic and other harmful constituents.

    5. The texture is everything!

    If you are a minimalist and prefer a colour palette including base colours like white, beige, grey and black but also do not want to keep it single-toned, textures are going to save the day!
    Add textures to your walls and furniture by adding concrete, embroidery and velvet cushions, and watch the magic unroll!

    6. Efficient storage spaces

    Do you love to hoard things and cannot simply let old ones go? We have the solution for that too! Put on your stylist shades and opt for elegant furniture pieces that also serve the purpose of storing lots of stuff.
    So bring on your creative mind and revamp your interiors with classy, ever-green pieces that speak for themselves and are affordable and eco-friendly to use!