Best tips for paint in the kitchen

Decorating a kitchen which suffers from the ailment of peeling paint can be a real setback to your interior plans. We offer you an easy solution to this often plaguing problem faced by a number of people.

Sometimes the often suspected problem; damps is not the reason why paint starts to peel after a certain period of its application. There might be other reasons for it like an already greased wall which does not allow the paint to adhere to the surface of the wall. This is the reason why you might come across bubbles erupting on these walls as soon as you apply paint, or after a few hours. The application of the paint may also not be uniform through the surface of the wall.

The general tendency is for the peeling to appear in the ceiling or the near ceiling areas of the wall. An easy approach to solving this problem is not re-painting but rubbing down the walls and applying paper followed by painting it. The texture of the paper allows the paint to adhere to it effectively. The joins can easily made invisible to the eyes with the trained hands of a decorator. However effective this method may be it is always advisable that you opt for kitchen paints as they are built to stand against grease.